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My Future Business

Hi. I am Aras. Female engineering faculty majoring in civil engineering. In my course there is an entrepreneurship lesson. There I was taught how to choose the business according to Fengshui science. Since I was born on February 25, 1995, I have a water element. Therefore I immediately read the theory that explains about the element of water. From the explanation that I get, it turns out the water element is more suitable to open a beauty business. Before I make a proposal about the beauty and spa business, I analyze myself. Does my personal character match this effort? With sufficient assessment, I finally chose to open this beauty business after I graduated from this Faculty of Engineering.

 This is an example of a business proposal I made:

                                                            SPA & BEAUTY NATURE

                                                                        disusun oleh:
                                                           ARASY SATYA PERDANA
                                                                        D 111 12 007

                          JL. Sungai Raya Dalam. Komplek Puri Akcaya 2. Blok A.16 – Kubu Raya
                                                          082352059729 / 085750647795
                        Alamat E-mail arasy.satyaperdana@gmail.com Instagram : arasyifabeautyandspa

All praise and thanksgiving we pray to Allah SWT and salutations and greetings I convey only to the characters and our example Prophet Muhammad SAW. Among the many favors of Allah Almighty who brought us from darkness to the dimensions of light that give wisdom and the most beneficial to all mankind, so that by him I can complete this entrepreneurial task well and on time.The purpose and objectives of this proposal is to fulfill one of the tasks given by the lecturer in the course of Entrepreneurship.In the process of preparing this task I encountered obstacles, but thanks to moral and material support from various parties, I finally completed this task quite well, therefore through this opportunity I would like to express my gratitude and highest appreciation to all related parties who have helped Completion of this task.Everything that is wrong comes only from man and all the right things coming from religion thanks to the favors of faith from Allah SWT, though this task is certainly far from perfection, therefore all suggestions and constructive criticism from all parties I hope Improvements to the next task. I hope that this work will be useful especially for me and for other readers in general.
Pontianak, April 2017

                                                                      CHAPTER I                                                                   PRELIMINARY

Today awareness of body-soul awareness has become a lifestyle of fashion, salon, fitness-gymnastics, body language, meditation-relaxation and the latest SPA treatment.Business SPA has started emerging well managed by multinational companies such as Martha Tilaar, Mustika Ratu and others also local businessmen either in resorts, hotels, salons, and housing. This enthusiasm can not be separated from the trend of life style. 

Women always want to look beautiful, attractive, look young and have a smooth skin, healthy, not wrinkled, soft, fresh, and radiant. Having a smooth, healthy, beautiful, fresh and beautiful skin, is a pride and a special attraction for a woman. Thus, many sold various types of cosmetic products that are destined for skin care, because the women both teenagers and the elderly are willing to make various efforts to always look beautiful and ageless by doing various beauty treatments and buy various products that promise to always Look beautiful and ageless by doing various treatments to always look beautiful and young at a cost that is not small. 
Such beautiful and healthy stitching can be done with various types of body treatments, namely traditional body treatments to body treatments using modern tools. Body treatments traditionally include daily care (bath). Weekly treatments can be done with (Massage / massage, body scrub and bath / bath spices.Special treatment (breast care and feminine area) and drinking herbal medicine that serves to take care of the health and freshness of body skin, relaxation and tackling emotional problems. And modern body care that is by using modern tools, namely medical spa, mineral spiring spa, botox and etc. In the days of Queen Cleopatra from Egypt also sudh do skin care since she was a teenager to grow into a beautiful queen with a beautiful shower Milk and massaged by the ladies and in doing the treatment, in the analysis how the level of customer satisfaction to a service given to the customer.

                                                                    CHAPTER II
                                             BUSINESS PROSPECTS SPA & BEAUTY

Business SPA not only stop at SPA treatment business, but has many branches, such as business:
1. Treatment services (Body-mind-soul)
2. SPA architectural design contractor
3. Provider of SPA A-SPA aids (where aroma therapy, scrubs, soap places, SPA placemats and fabrics)
4. Provider of products (Soap, essential oil, scrubs, aroma therapy and others)
5. SPA specialist equipment store
6. Special counter SPA material
7. Exporter of SPA specialist
8. Instructor services
Is a prospective business. In this context, the first interes is SPA Specialist Shop (No.5) with the concept of Active Marketing to SPA managers and also related exporters (No.7)

                                                                   CHAPTER III

The market for this product is:
1. The general public
2. SPA treatment
3. Supermarket
4. Exporter

                                                                  CHAPTER IV
                                                  PRODUCT SPA AND PRICE LIST

Main product comes from business partner that is BATARA COSMETIK, which produce SPA material, such as:
1. Body care equipment:
A. The smell of Terapy
B. Body massage oil
C. Hydro aroma terapy
D. Body splash
E. Body Moissuri zer
2. Body Treatment
A. Aroma terapy herbal bath
B. Aroma terapy herbal heat pillow
C. Revival herbal body heat
D. Floral and herbal Ficial heat treatment
3. Body Scrub Mask
4. Soap
5. Bathing
A. Shower gel
B. Hand wash
C. Shampoo & Conditioner
6. Foot care
A. Foot wash
B. Shoe deodorizer
C. Tender care oil
D. Pure essential oils
(BATARA COSMETICS data attached)
In addition to the main products will be added with products related to the therapeutic aroma of Jogyakarta and Solo, such as incense, candles, SPA equipment (incense, candle holder, soap tower, etc. of various wood, metal, teracota, and others).

                                                                    CHAPTER V

This cooperation includes:
1. Needs
2. Shape
Is 1. Needs:
To realize this business plan are:
A. Conducting samples from BATARA COSMETIK (Needs attached)
B. Conducting samples from Jogyakarta producers
C. Shops and offices to display products
D. Employees and internet services
E. Office accessories
F. Cost-operational capital
Is 2. Form:
Forms of cooperation there are some optional (Possible):
A. Profit sharing with the percentage of mutual agreement with rights and obligations
B. Pattern project

                                                                     CHAPTER VI
                                                                CONTACT PERSON

Owner's Name and Address:
Name: Arasy Satya Perdana
Address: Jl. Sungai Raya Dalam. Komplek Puri Akcaya 2. Block A.16
No. Hp: 085750647795
Email: arasy.satyaperdana@gmail.com

Ask an Expert

Puji Febry Mindartin is the owner of Party Planner business. Girl born February 23, 1997 this had started his business by selling various types of various tools and materials to decorate events and parties. After his efforts are quite successful, not a few customers ask about Party Planner services to her. At that time Febry - The familiar name is still hesitant, because has not had experience about it. Febry fear, if the results of the decoration is less satisfactory to its customers.

As time passes, more and more enthusiasts are buying tools and decoration materials with it, more and more are advising her to try to open PP business. Febry was trying to review the suggestions from his customers that most of them are has friends. Since then Febry has the confidence and courage to develop his business in the field of PP.

Febry also tried to prove first that he was able to decorate and design at the time of his friend's birthday party at Urban Garden, placing on Jl. Danau Sentarum, Pontianak. At that time Febry tried to give something special on her friend's special day. Therefore, the result of decoration that Febry dedicate successfully make her friend feel happy. Febry tries to publish his work on various social media, and it turns out the response she got from the community is very positive, thus making the girl who lives on Jl. Uray Bawadi. Gg. Rahayu No. 37 increasingly stable to open businesses in the field of PP.

From preparation to decorating, Febry was helped by her sister and cousin. The capital that Febry got from this business started from installment and also the decoration that Febry got when the owner visited places that sell tools and decoration materials as well as in various online shop.

The service time provided by Febry to its customers is on average every Saturday and Sunday. Usually, the customer orders in advance three days before the H-day. Because Febry is currently taking courses in civil engineering majors, so Febry is smart enough to divide his time. If Febry has not been able to serve its customers optimally, Febry can still provide advice and solutions to the customers without having to meet.

To find out business information and services from Febry, you can explore his instagram account, namely: @balon_pontianak and @ befdecoration. For now, Febry can be contacted via e-mail: pujifebrym@gmail.com; Whats App: 085349697988 and his instagram account.

Febry's future hope is to have his own store, making it easier for his customers to meet directly and consult her. Success ya Feb!

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Make Cooking as a Hobby

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb..

Alhamdulillah, Thank God we part to the presence of Allah SWT who has ceased to give Hidayah and pleasure. Not forgetting let us prophet Muhammad SAW May we be given intercession on Ya umum end of the future. Aamiin.

How are you guys ?
I'm site everything is in good health. On this happy occasion i will say about "Make Cooling as a Hobby".

Before i talk further, look what's going on around us, specialist for women.Often busy work and other affairs take time and difficult to cook. Most people claim to be unable to cook because they do not know spices, recipes or cooking methods to produce good food. Of the two reasons above, the most important and burdensome of many people, lacking motivation and support for cooking are the most difficult reasons to overcome. Reluctantly of course when gores cooking, but it feels bad, and no one wants to eat.

There are some people who enjoy cooking. They are so obsessed with cooking because they do it as a hobby.

Hobbies are fun activities to do and allow us to work to relax.

Learn how you can take advantage of this cooking hobby as a useful thing.

Every time you cook, you will reach a new level of perfection with your recipe. You can also learn the combination of recipes in this kitchen to create a delicious meal.

If you think cooking is a mandatory job, you can not expect to be a good cook. However, if you think of cooking as a hobby, you will see it as a fun job.

That's what i can say.
I'm sorry if there is an incorrect word.
Thank you for your attention.

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Name : Arasy Satya Perdana
             Nur Fitriani
             Fahmi Nur Ashari
             Fajar Rezky Novianto
             Abdul Haris Ridho
             Andi Akbar
             Rika Yolanda

1. What is speech ?
    Speech is a way to tell people about an issue in the society that contains informations, opinions,    solution or criticism.

2. What aspects you must have in speech and before delivering the speech are :
    a. Theme
    b. The arguments or solutions that related to theme
    c. Systematic
    d. Use of formal language

    Before the speech we must :
    a. Prepare our mental
    b. Maintain our gesture
    c. Speak with stab intonations
    d. Practicing
    e. Understand the content of the speech.

3. Prepare a topic for final exam !
    Arasy           : What is the EPC ?
    Nur Fitriani  : The Importance of maintaining respect ?
    Fahmi           : The influence of the type of soil type of foundation election
    Fajar             : Safety for Contruction
    Ridho            : Eco Building
    Akbar            : Drawing and Civil Engineering
    Rika              : Stability and dracing at peaty soil.

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I Can't Imagine Life Without ...

Hi, My name is Aras.
i was asked a question which answers i think have a complicated consequence if they dont exist at all in the present day. They question was "I can't imagine life without ... ?". And I couldn't imagine life without internet connection and electricity. Why ?
First up, Internet. As we know it, internet is the go-to medium to acquire information in the modern era and also one of the mandatory needs for everyone. Like for instance, as a mean of communication in the social media and for business. Education-wise, internet helps in providing sources for learning materials and extend our knowledge in general.
Next, electricity. I couldn't imagine life without electricity because it helps in our daily routines. Electricity is a main necessity in our current society. The lack of it can contribute to the shutdown of economy. This is due to the fact that large factories and industrial areas use a lot of electricity. For me personally, when a blackout happens it often gets in the way of me studying and doing chores at home. What if electricity doesn't exist at all ? it would be dreadful.
in conclusion, both internet and electricity are essential. We have to be grateful that with the existence of both we can tackle life and our activities well. It is our job to be able to utilize both so the next generation can take the benefits of having internet and electricity as they advance in the future. Aamiin...