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Name : Arasy Satya Perdana
             Nur Fitriani
             Fahmi Nur Ashari
             Fajar Rezky Novianto
             Abdul Haris Ridho
             Andi Akbar
             Rika Yolanda

1. What is speech ?
    Speech is a way to tell people about an issue in the society that contains informations, opinions,    solution or criticism.

2. What aspects you must have in speech and before delivering the speech are :
    a. Theme
    b. The arguments or solutions that related to theme
    c. Systematic
    d. Use of formal language

    Before the speech we must :
    a. Prepare our mental
    b. Maintain our gesture
    c. Speak with stab intonations
    d. Practicing
    e. Understand the content of the speech.

3. Prepare a topic for final exam !
    Arasy           : What is the EPC ?
    Nur Fitriani  : The Importance of maintaining respect ?
    Fahmi           : The influence of the type of soil type of foundation election
    Fajar             : Safety for Contruction
    Ridho            : Eco Building
    Akbar            : Drawing and Civil Engineering
    Rika              : Stability and dracing at peaty soil.

Selasa, 04 April 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without ...

Hi, My name is Aras.
i was asked a question which answers i think have a complicated consequence if they dont exist at all in the present day. They question was "I can't imagine life without ... ?". And I couldn't imagine life without internet connection and electricity. Why ?
First up, Internet. As we know it, internet is the go-to medium to acquire information in the modern era and also one of the mandatory needs for everyone. Like for instance, as a mean of communication in the social media and for business. Education-wise, internet helps in providing sources for learning materials and extend our knowledge in general.
Next, electricity. I couldn't imagine life without electricity because it helps in our daily routines. Electricity is a main necessity in our current society. The lack of it can contribute to the shutdown of economy. This is due to the fact that large factories and industrial areas use a lot of electricity. For me personally, when a blackout happens it often gets in the way of me studying and doing chores at home. What if electricity doesn't exist at all ? it would be dreadful.
in conclusion, both internet and electricity are essential. We have to be grateful that with the existence of both we can tackle life and our activities well. It is our job to be able to utilize both so the next generation can take the benefits of having internet and electricity as they advance in the future. Aamiin...

Rabu, 22 Maret 2017


Hi, my name is Aras.
i like watching cartoons like Doraemon, P-Man, Hamtaro and Chibi Maruko Chan since i was little. I likE the animations in them and i had an inspiration to become an artist from watching them.

I often spent my time drawing away my focus from the lessons and instead drawing cartoons on my notebook in the middle of classes when I was in primary school. one day, i was caught doing just that and ended up getting scolded because it's drawing my focus away from the teacher. When I came home from school I told my mother that I like drawing and would like to participate in drawing classes so I could create animated story books, but my mother didn't allow me to and suggested that I get focus on my academic studies. My father couldn't agree more with it. i was sad because I weren't able to develop my drawing skills back then

When I entered middle school, I was appointed by a teacher to join the school's Paskibraka team. I enjoyed it for about two years, entering competitions with friends and upperclassmen. I acquired a good discipline and time appreciation out of it. My parents suggested me to take some time off from Paskibraka to focus on my upcoming final tests at the time. I obeyed their orders, although I was a bit dejected that I didn't take part in Paskibraka when I was at high school.

At tenth grade, my interest moved on to Scientific Journals Club, Biology to be exact. Prior to choosing Scientific Journals Club I was faced with two other options, English Club and Drama Theater Club. I spent one week at the English Club but then decided to join the Drama Theater Club instead. Due to always comig home late at 10 PM after drama practice, my parents seized me from further participation and kept me studying at home. Scientific Journals was fine for them since it had ties with my final tests.

As I reached collegiate level, the skills that I have acquired and learned have exceeded my expectations. To this moment I have to managed to distribute my time for both between skill development and college. At this moment I'm also given the opportunity to give lessons for middle schooler. Hopefully someday I'll be able to continue studying at a higher grade as a preparation to become a university-level instructor.

I think that's all there is that I can tell you about my skills. I hope I can develop the ones that I already have and acquire new ones along the way.

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

3. Reading Skills

Members group :
1. OKTAFIA         D 111 11 037
2. ARASY S. P     D 111 12 007
3. INDRA B.         D 111 12 025
4. EVI TAMALA   D 111 12 111

A. Pre-reading questions

1. * Robots can help to boost industry
    * The robots can help work in the household,              agricultural, marine, military, etc..
    * For Indonesia, The robot can clean vehicles
    * The robot can use the magnetic force well

    * With their human robots will becoke lazy.

2. Pets, a human, etc..

B. Reading

1. This trend will allow us to live richer lives as              robots take over boring housework duties.
2. In the same waybthat, Microsoft developed an         operating system that could work on different         kinds of computers, engineers are now                     beggining to write comluter code for a potential       common robot operating system.
3. Robots can make most of as will happily                   welcome them in out lives.

C. Identifying topic and main idea

1. C. Robots in the home.
2. A. Robots will improve our lives in many ways.

D. Identifying unnecessary information

1. Sentence number 1
2. We're talking about computers and something about babies pops out of nowhere.

E. Identifying opinions

A. All technology has done is to make our lives            busier and more dependent on machines than        ever.


3. * We are happy to have airline pilot as robot                because awesome, rare and recently there in            the world that is being developed.
     * We are happy to have cook because can help          wahs the dishes.
     * We are happy to have a teacher as robit                     because can teach dancing, play piano, etc..
     * We are happy to have a doctor as robot                     because can monitor the health of living                   beings.
     * We are happy to have a singer as robot                     because can guide the chair.
     * We are happy to have store clark as robot                 because can serving buyert.
     * We are happy to have taxi driver as robit                   because can driving.
     * We are happy to have police officer because             help police maintain security.


Minggu, 05 Maret 2017

Robots in The Home

Group Members : 

1. Arasy Satya Perdana D 111 12 007
2. Oktafia
3. Evi Tamala

1. Critical Cartoons
A. Warm Up
Work with a partner or in small groups. Discuss the questions below.
Answer :
1. We use a lot of electronic devices. Smartphone, PC, DVD Player, speaker, car, washing machine, ricecooker, etc..
2. It would be great it robots could cooking, family pet, serve the family by doing homework, do more by freeing us from small daily jobs.
3. Driving and Handicrafts

2. Core Vocabulary
A. Scanning and skimming
1. Adopt : Choose, foster, naturalize, pick, select..
2. Aid : Help, assist, serve, rescue,..
3. Career : Profesional, history, vocation,..
4. Code : Program, cipher, cryptograph,..
5. Doubt : Hestitation, question, skepticism, indecision, irresolution,..
6. Effort : Work, attempt, strain, achievement, struggle,..
7. Force : Push, enforce, demand, require, constrain, impel, compel,..
8. Oppose : defy, resist, counter, confront,...
9. Potential : Possible, likely, probable...
10. Serve : Act, function, work,...

Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Why I Continue My Study to University Level

Because to me it is a must to create a better future and to obey my parents. I am the first of two sisters, so I have the right to achieve a higher education. My parents pay a very close attention to my studies and are hoping that I will be able to enjoy living with what I have achieved education wise.  Therefore, I would like to return the favor to them by completing my education as good as I can. With higher education I also have a better chance to get the job that I want and to make my parents proud. I believe that with a better education I can be happier, gain more knowledge, travel all around the globe, meet new people, achieve all my dreams and be grateful for what Allah has given through education. But when i become lazy and lacking confidence I always remember a saying from great scientist that one can grasp the world with his knowledge, one can also grasp the afterlife with his knowledge, and one can ultimately achieve both with his knowledge. In the end, I think that miracles can happen with the help of knowledge and that one discipline doesn’t mean the world to anyone without the help of other disciplines.